Support Men’s Rowing

Direct Support

SU’s Championship Program is made of three parts:

Scholar-Athletes who Lead with Passion, Dogged Determination, and Grit
Skilled Coaches with Focus and Unwavering Resolve
Alumni, Family Members, and Friends who Believe in the Team and enable it to operate at its Maximum Potential

Funding sources are varied, with a significant percentage coming from student-led initiatives and team dues. The team also receives some funding from University Recreation.

Your support directly enables the squad to purchase rowing shells and other equipment, compete and medal at regional and national championships every year since 2011, pay a staff of coaches, and lease boathouse space.

Non-financial support is also greatly appreciated, be it helping with food prep and support at regattas, helping facilitate lodging (Oregon, California, Georgia), being a team advocate with the University, and, especially, becoming a part of the SURF as we move forward with long-term initiatives to support the teams.

PayPal and the SURF: Streamlining and Facilitating Donations to Men’s Rowing

New in 2019, we are partnering with the squad to help facilitate direct support, utilizing the SURF’s 501(c)(3) status and PayPal system. All donations to Men’s Crew through the SURF will go directly to the team at regular intervals. Men’s Crew will continuously receive complete records of gifts to the team, reviewed by both team officers and SURF officers, and donors will be honored by both the SURF and Men’s Crew. Within the university system, donations will register as coming from the SU Rowing Foundation, of which you are a vital and valued member and partner.